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The summer is here, demigods! Time to don that Camp Half-Blood shirt, grab a weapon, and run around public parks and national monuments while mortals think you’re an absolute weirdo. 

    The design featured here is a new and improved take on the traditional CHB logo by the architect of olympus herself. With a background in graphic design and years of crafting various CHB logos, Tessa “Wise Girl” Wilder has put together the ultimate Camp Half-Blood shirt: the hand-drawn, grecian inspired pegasus, the retro summer lettering, and the perfect color combinations. Find this shirt in the traditional black on orange, orange on cream, or even orange on green, as well as in other color schemes to fit your favorite aesthetics. 

    Please note: the shade of orange varies due to differences in lighting and editing


Shirt orders are fulfilled through Printify and never pass through my hands


The Camp Half-Blood Shirt

Shirt Color
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